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JSKE, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering.

HiPEAC, European network of world-class computing systems researchers, industry representatives and students

GWMH, Global Wo.Men Hub. The Hub engages public authorities, industry, individuals, social organization, academia to work together with the goal of achieving a culture of collaboration between women and men in their professional and private life in a society in transition. (member of the board of directors)

SIREN, Società Italiana Reti Neuroniche.



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I mainly deal with innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Human-Machine interaction systems, as can be seen from my curriculum vitae and my academic profiles.
Here, however, I mainly want to write about WHO I am, what my values and my goals ares.

As I said at a conference some time ago, we are all waiting for the "big WOW" from technology, in particular from Artificial Intelligence. The "big WOW", however, is already here: it is the human ability to overcome ourselves every day, with new discoveries and new challenges. It is what every day I compare myself with: creativity, critical thinking, the awareness of being always able to overcome one's limits. It is the desire to leave a trace, to contribute to something.

I live in a wonderful country, Italy, and in a city, Milan, which allows me to be an integral part of the vibrant European dimension.

In my research I draw inspiration from human kind. I look at, i.e., humanity from the technological perspective and I am mainly interested in the changes that technology induces in humanity and, therefore, in how to improve technologies for their best use. In this perspective, human sciences and scientific disciplines do not have, in my view, defined boundaries, but necessarily blurred ones, to be able to bring the greatest benefit.
I firmly believe in gender equality, in the capacity of the new generations to commit themselves to a better world, in the human race, beyond national and cultural boundaries. I am convinced that the work of a researcher and an educator must be oriented at improving the future, giving certain possibilities to everyone. For this reason, in my opinion, the academic world must remain in close contact with everyday life and the job world.