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Bside is a research group under the supervision of Raffaella Folgieri, Assistant Professor at University of Milan (Italy) - DEAS, Department of Economics, Business and Statistics.
The Brain Side of IT means a different approach, starting by humans’ brain point of view.
Keywords: NeuroInformatics, Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interaction

On one side the Computer Science enlarged the potentiality in biological systems analysis influencing the interaction mechanisms among biological macrosystems (humans), on the other side it has been influenced by them. The boundaries are very close, so this means that it is possible to imagine a future co-evolution of Computers and Humans, not only in robotics progress and prosthesis, but also in communication.

The aim is to face the challenge of a new co-evolutionary man-machine model starting by the study of the brain.


The main direction concerns what I call Sympateia (ancient Greek Sympathia: to be on the same wavelength).
My aim is to explore the communication mechanisms of telepathy (in the ancient Greek assumption of telepathia that is tele[tele]=distance and pathia[pateia]=emotion, feeling) through BMI (Brain Machine Interacion) devices. This do not means that we are trying to make humans telepathic but we aim to deeply understand communication mechanisms among humans through human-computer interaction realized by BMI devices to create supports realizing communication means based on brain waves mediated by technology.